Saturday, January 24, 2014  9 am - 5 pm
Vendors and Buyers Needed.
Free to set up and sell your "Treasures."
So, come early to set up and start selling!
In addition to Speidies and Cheese steaks, we will have fabulous
BBQ Chicken Wings

Saturday Grill Specials
Only $5.25 each

Served from opening until 3:30 every Saturday

 Chicken Spiedies Cheesesteaks
Chicken Spiedie
Upstate New York's best kept secret are Spiedies! We use boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cube them and immerse the pieces in spiedie marinade. We grill the succulent chicken pieces and serve them on areal 12" Amorosa Hoagie roll with your choice of toppings (a classic is with mayo and Swiss cheese).

We grill Kessler's beef with peppers and onions and serve it on a real Amorosa hoagie roll with two slices of Cooper CV sharp cheese. You want mushrooms; you get mushroom. Just add 50 cents.